Superior Network Systems

We provide companies with advanced infrastructure network systems that utilize all types of Category cable. Superior Network Systems offers companies a solution for their voice and data cabling needs that provide a price/performance metric unmatched by any of our competitors.  Call today for a free estimate.

As we are living in a globalize connected world, we recognized the critical importance of providing and installing networks infrastructures of a high quality, reliability and availability. Superior Network Systems provides professional services on a broad range of networking solutions including Switching and Access, Data, Wireless networks and Transmission, as well as fiber optics and wireless transmission. We build large-scale projects for telecom operators, ensuring the technology you supply is integrated and maintained to meet your customers unique project specifications. Superior Network Systems lead its peers, domestically, in our unique ability to provide the testing, commissioning and

network integration services necessary to ensure your technology comes to life inside your client's environment and is integrated and compatible with existing systems.

The goal of our audiovisual services team is to accommodate the highly American (and especially St. Louis') high expectations of personal space and freedom. Even when relaxing with family at home, people often separate and claim their own personal spots. Families with children often observe new territorial boundaries established and renegotiated daily between growing siblings. Servicing the audiovisual needs of the average family requires innovative thinking and design strategies to say the least. Our audiovisual services team therefore plans from the beginning to deliver an equal level of sound and video quality throughout the entire structure. Once installed, the new audiovisual system can deliver an equal level of superior entertainment to both private bedrooms and spacious living areas all under master control.

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